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I purchased a Lennox air conditioning and heating unit for my sea-shore condominium in July of 2006. Model number: 13HPD-024-230-01 The a/c (outside unit) suffered degradation of coil.

Luckily the unit was still under warranty. After speaking with a Lennox representative in consumer affairs, he told me that there was a history of this degradation of coil from Lennox units that were manufactured in 2006, my unit was manufactured in the time frame. To my point, Lennox only wanted to pay for 50% of the cost for the labor to re-install, $450 for a bill for $900. As a consumer I feel it's not fair that I have to pay any labor costs knowing that due to faulty manufacturing, the unit was not able to operate in a reasonable time of ownership and within its warranty.

I feel that Lennox is not taking full responsibility due to faulty manufacturing practices. I also feel they are not doing due diligence in communicating to the consumers who purchased these units. Do you have a Lennox AC unit?

If so, call Lennox Corporation and tell them to be responsonsible. I'm pissed because I have to pay twice!!!

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Boonton, New Jersey, United States #905407

Unfortunately, no exterior A/C components last more than 3 - 5 years on the East Coast. The saltwater air begins to destroy them immediately upon installation. Consider yourself lucky for Lennox to honor the warranty at all.


Faulty coil caused leak on system less than 4 years old. Although it is still under warranty, Lennox will not cover the 900$ to repair.

They implied that if I had gotten preventative maintenance that I wouldnt have had the leak. They refuse to accept responsibility for inferior product. Just google or go to the BBB and you will see hundreds of customers complaining of this same issue. There are a couple of class action lawsuits in this as well.

This companys phrase is "We stand behind our products" but thats simply not true.

They refuse to help. I'll never buy another Lennox product again.

Winchester, Virginia, United States #752977

Your coil fell apart because you live next to the ocean. This happens to the large majority of outdoor units located that close to the ocean regardless of brand. I call bull@##$


Lennox fully covers white coil cost, they however do not have to pay the full istallation cloudy for the contractor that swaps it, lennox pays the contractor 300 dollars to install it, any other cost they try to charge is not authorised by lennox.


I also have a Lennox coil that has degraded. I have called the Lennox Consumer Complaint number, was told my model/unit number was in a series of bad coils.

They redirected me to the Coil Degradation Unit.

I have never been contacted by anyone from Lennox. Very Frustrating!

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